The Road to Paris, Texas - Silver Ticket Q&A

Paris Texas by Wim Wenders"So you're the one who makes those signs, I love those. Some of them are beautiful.” 
Travis Henderson


With only a few days left before the big day, I thought it wise to send you a second newsletter with all the information you could possible ask for so you can rest assured that, when you'll ultimately pull the trigger and buy one (or even maybe more) of our SILVER TICKETS, you know exactly what it is you're committing to.

When will the silver tickets become available for purchase?

On Thursday 14 November, at 17:00 GMT.

Will you send me a reminder on the day?

There will be an announcement on Facebook but we do not intend on sending you any additional reminder about this sale.

How much will each ticket cost?

Each ticket will cost €45 (45 EUROS).

How many tickets are available?

There will be 170 tickets available in total. Sales will be limited to 2 tickets per household.

What can I purchase with a ticket and how will that work?

When the artwork is ready, you will receive an email with a code. You will then be able to go on our site and use your ticket towards your purchase. The cost of your ticket(s) will then be automatically deducted from your cart. There will be two versions of the print available. A regular edition of 170 and a variant edition of 130. Each ticket will give you the opportunity to purchase either a regular, a variant or a set. If you purchased two tickets, you will be able to purchase a maximum of two copies of each print. As you can see, there are as many tickets available as there are copies of the regular edition. This means that, if you purchased a ticket, you are guaranteed at least one copy of the regular. However, because there are less copies of the variant than there are tickets, not everybody will be able to purchase a variant or a set. Like in all other limited editions print sales, time is therefore of the essence.

How much will each edition cost?

The regular edition will cost €75 (75 EUROS) and the variant edition €90 (90 EUROS).

I purchased a ticket but I only like the variant. Can I purchase two copies of the variant instead of a set?

No. Each ticket will give you the opportunity to purchase either a regular, a variant or a set, including both a regular and a variant.

I heard they're only available for EU customers. I live in the US and I really love Laurent's work and Wim Wenders's film. Is there any way I can order a ticket?

Unfortunately, the conditions of our license restrict sales to the EU territory. Unless you have an EU address, you will not be able to checkout. We will also make sure that the address that you entered when purchasing your ticket matches the address provided when you order the prints, so the address needs to be a valid one and needs to be the same you expect your prints to be sent to. If you move, between the time of the ticket purchase and the time the prints are made available for sale, please contact us to let us know. Bear in mind that, if you move outside of the EU between the two dates, your silver ticket will need to be refunded.


When will the artwork be revealed?

We are working very closely with Laurent and the Studio and we expect that full artwork will be revealed in late spring 2020. If you purchase a ticket, you will receive updates between now and then to let you know where things are and how close we are to a full reveal.

Will the poster include credits, titles and likenesses?

The poster will include title and credits. This is part of our license agreement. The agreement also gives us the right to use likenesses but until a design is agreed by the studio, I cannot tell you whether the poster will include any of them. You will, however, be kept updated on that progress and you will be the first to see the sketch when it has been agreed.

When will the posters be printed and when will I receive my copy?

Once the artwork is complete, we will send it to the printer and we hope to have the prints in hand within a couple of months. As you may know, good printers are hard to find and even harder to book. However, we are working with a printer we know well and we will make sure the print is getting in their queue as quickly as possible.

Will there be any Artist Copies available?

Yes. These will be sold by Laurent directly at a later date.

Will you be saving some copies for conventions, screening, etc.?

No. All the copies printed will be available for sale on the website.

Where will these ship from and how much will shipping cost?

That is a very good question and one I cannot entirely answer at this stage. For the time being, Objet Petit a is located in Edinburgh, Scotland. However, there are plans to relocate the company to the beautiful mountains of Switzerland sometime in 2020. It is therefore highly possible these will ship from Switzerland. Shipping costs will be calculated on an individual basis but you should expect them to remain under €30 per order.

I purchased a ticket but don’t really like the final artwork. Will you refund me?

Unfortunately, all sales are final. You are more than welcome to try and sell your ticket to somebody else and if you are successful, and as long as they live in the EU too, all you need to do is let us know who they are and their email address and we’ll transfer your ticket to them.